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Milky Yellows ⌨️

October 17, 2022 | 06:36 PM

I have been a long time mechanical keyboard enthusiast. I don’t have a huge collection like some people do, honestly I have never even had to group buy what I wanted. Well, maybe I wanted to but was too impatient 😅

For the past year I have been using the Zeal Rosélio Silent Linear Switches 🌹, and they were great… for a while 🥀. Nothing is wrong with these switches, let me be clear. They are excellent, premium switches that will make a lot of people very happy. I loved how silent they were. That said, I found myself battling with some finger fatigue after long typing sessions.

So I’ve opted to swap them out of my hotswap PCB in my KN65 in favor of… a much cheaper switch 😲 The Gateron Milky Yellow Pro Linear Switches. With 50g actuation force this will be significantly less difficult to type on for long sweaty google doc sessions, and still hit me with that sweet sweet dopamine every time they thock. Now, on sound, much like feel, this is entirely personal preference. There is no bad key so long as you enjoy using it. Don’t let YouTube or Reddit brainwash you. In this case, I do much prefer my new keys and key caps, I think it sounds sharper, and more premium, I was living with rattle before this.

I also used this as a chance to swap out my key caps and change up the aesthetic. I switched my DSA profile PBT classic gray look for a black and white accented cherry profile. Wild, I know 🤪

I recorded the process, it’s not the greatest quality but iMovie helped me stitch it together reasonably well in under 30 minutes. Don’t mind the typo in Rosélio on the title card. Enjoy your 🥛

Milky Yellows